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Land and Legal Foundation provides our legal help seekers with the latest updates on Bangladeshi laws and regulations and other useful information. You will learn how to start a business in Bangladesh and will find other related articles which will help you to understand the business laws and regulations in Bangladesh, which help them with their businesses.

Land and Legal Foundation has an aim to deliver affordable and effective legal services to the general people. The distinguished experts here have extensive experience in the legal arena and they have the elements of different practice areas. Itself as a one stop legal service provider for business enterprises and Common. Moreover every business needs a lawyer from a well reputed firm in the initial stage.

Land and Legal Foundation has been supporting mainly such as; Corporate Liaison & Litigations, Civil Litigation, RAJUK Related Activities, Company Law Related Works, Land Management, Estate Management, Real Estate and Property related Matters, Business Set-Up, Fraud and White collar litigation, Administrative Action, Labour & HR, Corporate matters and Litigation, Mortgage related issues, VAT, Tax and Customs Matters etc.

Our Services


Land Related Services

– Land Procurement 
– Land Vetting & drafting 
– Land Documents Searching 
– Land Documents Verification 
– Land Registration 
– AC (Land) Mutation 
– Land Taxes Calculation 
– Advice on land tenants 
– Land Survey 
– Mortgage related issues 
– Others.



Real Estate Development

– Land Clearance
– Land Registration
– Construction Agreement
– Civil Drafting
– Relevant Permission Advices
– Obtaining Utilities
– Litigation and arbitration relating to        property
– Mutation RAJUK & AC Land
– Arbitration
– Others


RAJUK Related Activities

– LUC  Land Usages Certificate
– Design and Drawing coordination
– Plan Approval
– RAJUK Mutation Process
– Sale Permission
– Occupancy Certificate
– Any necessary permission
– Others



Labour Law & Employment Matter

– Drafting Appointment Letter
– Vetting Service Agreement
– Legal opinion
– HR Policy Drafting
– Employee code of conduct
– Hiring & Firing issues
– Gratuity, provident fund, benevolent fund etc.
– Tribunals & Court represent
– Discrimination at work
– Sexual Harassment policies
– Conducting Conciliation
– Arbitration
– Employment contracts
– Dispute on Salary Issues
– Dispute on Unfair Dismissal


Corporate Liaison & Litigations

– Drafting Corporate Agreement
– Corporate governance
– Government Affairs
– Corporate documentation
– Company Law Related Activity
– Reconstituting Company
– Mergers & Acquisitions
– Issue of shares & transfer
– Tax Registration
– Tax Privileges,
– Tax exemption applications
– VAT Registration



Company Formation and RJSC Related Services

– Business set up Ideas
– Company formation
– Clearance of Company Name
– Incorporation Certificate
– Drafting MoA & AoA
– Drafting Board Minutes
– shares and transfer Issues
– Shareholders duties & disputes
– Encashment Certif. (Foreigner)
– BOI Registration
– Trade License
– Cooperation to be Chamber of Commerce membership
– Import Reg. Certificate (IRC)
– Export Reg. Certificate (ERC)
– Making Letter of Authorization
– Copyright & trademarks

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